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BAM! We won.

February 26th, 2012

The venue was absolutely packed, the atmosphere was great and the crowd rocked! Our first home bout exceeded our expectations in many ways: thank you ALL for making this happen. The bout ended with a score of 105 – 69, so the Amsterdam Derby Dames won. We are so proud of our team.

It was a superb bout to watch, too – The Roller Girls of the Apocalypse made our girls work hard for their victory. And boy, did they have nice outfits! They brought many fans with them, quite a few of them dressed up in line with our Superheroes theme. Awesome to see. The dressing-up competition was won by Super Derby Girl and the cutest Spiderman ever: we will see them again, because they got 2 tickets for our next home bout, of which details will be announced soon.

In the course of this week we will post a more detailed, action-focused article, so those of you who weren’t there can see what was going on. But for such an article we need pictures, and our photographers are working on them as we speak. For now…..enjoy this lovely picture of Jamakaze who makes her way through two RGA skaters, while the Jammer for RGA is being held back by a wall of three ADD blockers.


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