Referees and NSOs

August 19th, 2011 by TnTina

Still on a derby high from last week, we thought this to be a good opportunity to put some people in the spotlight who are volunteering for Roller Derby. A bout would not be possible without the help from the Referees and the Non-Skating Officials.

In any bout or scrimmage you will always notice the referees immediately: those in the black & white shirts. There are many referees involved in Roller Derby, up to seven so-called ‘zebras’ in a bout. Two refs keep track of the jammers, and up to four refs keep an eye on the pack for penalties that may occur, any out of bounds skating or skaters that get up too far ahead or behind.

This pictures shows our own Amorkillo as the lead jammer (the jammer that get through the pack first). The referee makes an ‘L-sign’ with this arm and follows her until she calles off the jam.

picture by Stephen Akehurst

NSO – Non-Skating Officials.

The Non-Skating Officials usually all wear the same colour that stands out. These are the people that time and track the jams and penalties, keep the score and register which skaters are playing in the jam. As an NSO, you are assigned to just one task, which is still a big job because so much is happening on the track at the same time.

From the Essen bout we played last week, we have this group picture of the Refs and NSOs, the latter wearing the plain white shirts.

Amsterdam Derby Dames is currently looking for volunteers to become a referee or a non-skating official. If you think you’ve got what it takes, please get in touch with us via

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