There are so many ways to be involved in Amsterdam Roller Derby

New skater

Interested in joining ARD as a new skater? We love everyone, if you’ve never had wheels near your feet, or you were an inline skater in the 90s or have tried skate dance. Come join our next open house and we’ll train you up, contact us with any little question you might have about skating and roller derby.

Transfer skater

Moving league is never easy, but we will support your transition. Whether it’s building a base in Amsterdam as your new home, or for personal skating reasons, we got your back. Get in touch with our interleague if you are interesting in joining us for a training session first.

PR and Press

Interested in a feminist DIY organisation and sport? Roller Derby is gaining international traction in the sport and lifestyle scene, be on hand to cover it and contact us about including our team in your next campaign or article.

Referees and NSOs

Without our referees we could be nowhere. It’s a great way to get involved in roller derby (without quite as much contact). Have a real head for rules & game play? Then we want you, in our zebra crew!
And for those who are not quite as confident on skates (or have a little more common sense than the rest of us) you should consider becoming a Non-Skating Official. NSOs time our games, track penalties and keep score during the game.


ARD is a volunteer run organisation with skaters helping out at every level of our league, but uniforms, training spaces and events are not free! We appreciate any donations that you can manage, and would be eternally grateful.

Sponsor us

Help us grow as a team and become a Sponsor! Contact us for our sponsoring package and for tailor made deals that can work at any level. We still have opportunities for uniform sponsorship and space for advertising during events.

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