24 hr Scrimmathon – Sk8 The Netherlands

June 15th, 2013

Hey, all you derby fanatics out there!

We asked you a couple of weeks ago to block your diaries for the weekend of 7th – 8th September, to participate in the already legendary Scrimmathon that the Amsterdam Derby Dames are organising. After a lot of planning and puzzling on how to put this huge event together, we now can give you all the details you need to take part.

Although most us will primarily like the idea of having a 24-hour roller derby session, we cannot stress enough that we don’t just do this to please the derby-minded: Sk8 The Netherlands is all about raising a fist against sex trafficking. It may seem like something that doesn’t affect us or our friends directly, but sadly enough, it happens on a huge scale, and right under our noses. We are sure you get our drift when we say that Amsterdam is not just the capital of the country…

Luckily most of us can only imagine how it would feel being forced to sell your body. In a foreign country. Your passport taken away from you. Not getting paid. This contravenes everything roller derby stands for. That is exactly why the Amsterdam Derby Dames are trying to take a stand against sex trafficking, together with Dom City Dolls and the American initiators of Sk8 The Netherlands: Sum Mo Payne and PBR.

Most of all, we need all of YOU to make this happen. We need NSOs, referees, skaters, announcers and volunteers. Louder than ever we say: THE MORE THE MERRIER! We hope you can all find your way to Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam on 7th September 12:00 (noon) sharp to go on for 24 hours.

We are going to have two tracks filled with non-stop derby action. We’re looking for women’s and men’s teams to all play 4 scheduled scrimmages on the ‘team track’. Your team not taking part? No problem! With an individual skater ticket you can sign up for fun challenge bouts and participate in open scrimmages on the second track. Also you will receive an awesome t-shirt and a ‘Drills & Skills’ manual free with your ticket!

For the officials crew we proudly present our event Head Refs: Cherry Fury and Fluke Skywalker. And our event Head NSO’s: Off Track and Mazuzu.

We hope you are all as excited as we are about this special event, as we cannot do without our wonderful officials. (Note: officials that also want to skate, fill in your officials registration first. You will then get explained what to do if you also want to skate)

We need to raise some proper funds to call a halt to the gruesome reality of sex trafficking, which is why we have to ask all participants to contribute. Please do remember that all profits go directly to Fier Fryslan and Centrum Kinderhandel en Mensenhandel (CKM). These are the charities supported by Sk8 the Netherlands.

Are you just as stoked as us to be a part of this amazing charity event? Then check out the links below, and get involved!





Individual skater ticket

Can’t skate and just want to watch? No problem, you can buy your ticket HERE

Contact info

General info: info24scrimmage@gmail.com
Team/skater registration: skaters24scrim@gmail.com
Sponsors: sponsor24scrim@gmail.com
Media/PR: PR24scrim@gmail.com
Volunteers: volunteers24scrim@gmail.com
Officials: officials24scrim@gmail.com

What a great Friends & Family Day!

April 17th, 2013

First of all, we would like to thank everybody for showing up last Sunday to make our Friends & Family Day a great success!

The day started off with a demo by our Fresh Meat. They showed the audience what they have been working on in the past weeks. This batch of new skaters certainly has some talent to watch out for!

Many league members spent the Saturday before baking to present some wonderful pieces of art at the bake sale, and that definitely didn’t go unnoticed: loads of people managed to find their way to the bar upstairs where the cakes were sold for the good cause.

To earn money for the league as well, we sold some of our clothes, organised a raffle and walked around with a box for donations, which many visitors put coins in. We even got a few notes! Thank you so much for your generosity, it will be spent wisely. In return, we tried to present to you a nice day. We hope everybody enjoyed it as much as we did, and if you are new to this sport, we hope we have given you a good impression of what roller derby is all about.

Thumbs up to those of you brave enough to put on some skates at the mini-roller disco. You never know, we might welcome you as a fresh meat skater, referee or non-skating official (NSO) one day.

A very special thanks goes out to Branko Collin our photographer, Bureau Feestbeest: the official derby DJs, 123Zeefdruk, Sharon Feigal, Just Like Your Mom Tour Support and Korsakoff for their sponsorship.

14 April: Friends & Family Day

April 7th, 2013

Have you seen all those pictures on Facebook, of girls on roller skates? No clue what they are exactly doing? Wondering why your colleague has bruises all the time? Or are you just looking for some excitement and you appreciate a good show? How about coming to our Friends & Family Day to find out what roller derby is all about?

The Amsterdam Derby Dames are organizing a Friends & Family Day on April 14th. This is an excellent opportunity to discover what your friend, colleague, acquaintance or relative is up to a few nights a week. What are the rules of roller derby, how are points scored and what are the strategies? Besides it being a serious sport, roller derby is very entertaining and there is always a great atmosphere. A mini Roller Disco and DJ will bring it to the next level.

The F&F day will be held in Sporthal De Weeren, Beemsterstraat 583, 1024BE in Amsterdam from 11am till 3pm. In addition to the on-skates action, there will be a raffle with fantastic prices. So feel free to buy some raffle tickets! We hope to see you on the 14th April to make this a day to remember, because it just wouldn’t be the same without you….

Dames & Dimes: Keep ‘em rollin’ !

May 26th, 2012

Come and join the Amsterdam Derby Dames for cocktails, live bands, an auction with fun items, merch, derby people and a fantastic time! On 23 June, the Amsterdam Derby Dames will be hosting the fundraising event Dames & Dimes, and all proceeds will go to the charity Mama Cash and ADD.

The Amsterdam Derby Dames have come a long way: from a few girls skating on wheels mounted to their shoes to a proper league of 70 members! We have played four international bouts with more to come, but this involves a fair amount of money. Whether we go to another country or invite a team to Amsterdam, travel costs and accommodations need to be covered. Since roller derby is not yet recognised as a sport in The Netherlands, we are not eligible for subsidies.

ADD is 100% DIY. Come out and support us!

Dames & Dimes: Keep ‘em rollin’
Saturday, 23 June
OCCII – Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam
Starts 10 pm, just € 5

The Vulgarettes

and DJ Natashka (derby-minded music)

Great Queen’s Day merch sale in the sun

May 1st, 2012

With a sweet spot downtown Amsterdam in the sun, our girls sold some merch, second hand clothes and baked goods, and had a great time doing it!

If ever you’re in Amsterdam during Queen’s Day (30 April, our naitonal holiday and annual free market blowout) you have to come and say hello, no matter where you’re from, and we’ll sell you something for sure.

See you next year!


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